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My wife & I approached Chris to design our house to maximize views from a smaller elevated block. Although we had a particular style in mind, we were open to his interpretation of the brief. Chris expanded on our ideas considerably whilst creating a design which is true to the intended style.

He has designed a wonderful modern home with flexible spaces which exceeded our expectations, while at the same time achieving our intended budget. It was a pleasure to work with Chris and we are thrilled with the outcome.


We asked Chris Steel Designs to help us design our new home. Chris was more than helpful. We found him to be patient with all our questions and ideas. Great communication.

We didn't have to worry about any paper work, he organized everything that is needed for the build to go ahead. The complete finished plans, made it much easier to get quotes, as the builders were all quoting from the same plan. And the builders all mentioned to us that the plans were exceptional.

Being always approachable and available, I would certainly recommend Chris Steel Designs, to anyone wanting great service.


Chris took the concept we put to him for our house and pretty much nailed it at the first attempt. We made a few changes and he talked us out of a few others which we now realise was the right choice.

All up the experience was painless and positive. The builder had no major issues with the design and we ended up with exactly what we wanted.

Chris and his team were able to create and produce the design of the home we required on a demanding block with all required permits and reports ready to start the building stage. Chris kept us fully informed through the entire process and met with us whenever we wished to discuss the design.


Chris did our plans for our extension, he had some great ideas and was excellent to deal with, nothing was a hassle. Highly recommend Chris Steel Designs!


St Mary’s Catholic Parish engaged Chris Steel Designs for our recently completed Maryknoll Medical Centre Project. Upon initial consultation with our team, Chris created a concept that would revitalize the old school building into a modern setting, that would attract quality and long term tenants to our facility. We are pleased to say that we have been successful in fully tenanting the building, almost prior to opening. Credit should be given to Chris and his team for the design that was presented to us and then on-sold to the prospective tenants. The project came in close to the budget given to Chris and was completed as per the time schedule requested. We look forward to Chris having input into further projects within our Parish in coming years.


I engaged Chris to design a development project which had come under lots of scrutiny for the previous owners of the land. It had every design overlay imaginable.
Chris not only came up with a great design but had a great network of consultants to work with making me feel comfortable to build the project and confident I could sell it.
I am more than happy to recommend Chris Steel Designs.


Chris Steel Designs has designed a house for a small irregular shaped block at the Woollen Mill Development in Warrnambool. This was initially quite difficult due to our requirements as to the number of bedrooms etc. The final design is extremely sympathetic with the existing houses already in place.

During the design phase Chris carried out the initial layout to fit in with the size and shape of the block and then was extremely willing to listen to our requirements and incorporate them in a practical sense with the design.

Chris was able to advise on colours both interior and exterior as well as provide advice on the different types of facades available, this enabled us to make the final choices on materials.

Overall, during the entire design phase Chris was very helpful in adapting to our requirements and as a result we are extremely pleased with the final result.


Once I decided to build our new home I began to research local designers. 

Chris Steel was highly recommended from many people, known well for his professionalism and the great reputation of his design vision.

With only my scribbled sketch of a floor plan in my hand and vision in my mind of what I hoped it could be and absolutely no experience with building or the process of it all, I went to see him.

Chris instantly made me feel comfortable and was very easy to work with. He was able to see my vision and improve on it amazingly with his knowledge and creativity.

It was an easy decision to choose him for the job so we went ahead. He was invaluable to me in the whole process, educating me on all the permits that were needed and organising everything necessary to start the building process. Watching how he created the plans on his computer impressed me greatly seeing how much work is involved in digital design and seeing him bring it to life.

Chris was a pleasure to work with and my builder's job was made easier by his attention to detail and organisation. I cannot recommend him any higher, I am so very happy with the end result!

Thanks again for everything.


From the initial discussions around design ideas and development of a concept Chris has listened to our input and developed a plan and finishes specification that has exceeded anything we could have hoped for. Chris has an ability to take thoughts and ideas and turn them into a building that sits beautifully on the land.

Chris Steel Designs has delivered a building that is now an integral part of the community and streetscape of Edenhope.

The Accommodation Complex provides Edenhope & District Memorial Hospital staff a place to feel at home and a place to be proud of. The rooms are full of light, are beautifully finished and provide comfort and privacy. 

From the outset and during construction Chris has been open to suggestions and ideas from the builders to alter plans and develop on the fly design changes.

Chris has provided detailed drawings when needed and worked hard to ensure the build was kept on time and on budget. The distance from Warrnambool to Edenhope was never an issue and communication was a strong point of the Chris Steel Designs experience.

It was imperative to the Hospital Board that we deliver the project on budget and in the timeframe set. Working with Chris Steel Designs and the builder we were able to achieve both these goals without compromise.

At the official opening the community came together to view the building and the overwhelming comments were of how beautiful the building is.

Huge thanks to Chris and his team for their brilliant communication, for their hard work, contemporary ideas and buildability of design. 

Thank you