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The Process

  • Firstly, contact CS Designs to arrange your FREE, no obligation consultation with Chris 
  • Chris will listen to all or your considerations and put together a comprehensive plan to fit the design brief. Our understanding of different architectural styles and materials will ensure you make the most informed decision possible.
  • Working from this information, a 3D digital concept is created then revisited you several times until you are satisfied with the design. 
  • An initial site inspection is carried out to assist with foreseeing any possible building constraints and to ensure the design concept works well with the surrounding area. Any environmental or energy issues are also addressed to make sure that the design is as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible
  • After a comprehensive site feature survey is carried out by a registered land surveyor, we then look to see what permits are needed to be organised to initiate the building process. 
  • Final working drawings are then created using all the information gathered and are used in the final building process. Please note any changes to the design or layout should be addressed early in the design process before any permits have been obtained as it can become quite expensive to alter once permits have been obtained.